Start saving on gas and maintenance for corporate and industry vehicles

Mecarun is helping countless companies to spend less on logistics !

Fuel additives for corporate vehicles have long been utilized by road transporters, fishing and leisure fleets, and by industries for boilers and electricity production. They not only enable fuel savings on a truck, a heavy-duty vehicle, a boat, or a generator but also ensure their engines remain clean and operational over time.

Mecarun supports companies worldwide, assisting them in achieving genuine savings through a cost-effective investment that also reduces their carbon footprint.

Fuel savings for heavy-duty vehicles, boats, and planes by optimizing diesel/gasoline consumption

Anti-bacterial treatment, and prevention of sludge and algae in your tanks

Significantly reduces pollution, engine fouling, exhaust lines, and Adblue consumption

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They use mecarun products on a daily basis

Mañas Buses and Taxis - Spain // Irizar Buses with 420 HP Engine and usual route of 2000 km

Average consumption without C99: 30.60L/100km

Average consumption with C99: 27.20L/100km

Total savings achieved: 11%

Mañas Buses and Taxis - Spain // Irizar Buses with 360 HP Engine and usual route of 2000 km

Average consumption without C99: 31.25L/100km

Average consumption with C99: 28.92L/100km

Total savings achieved: 8%

Phone Express Transport – France

For the 4 Actros Euro 4 semi-trailers:
Average consumption without C99: 28.75L/100km      Average consumption with C99: 27.26L/100km
Fuel savings achieved: 5.2%     Savings on AdBlue consumption: 30%!

For the 4 Magnum Euro 4 semi-trailers:
Average consumption without C99: 31.68L/100km     Average consumption with C99: 28.44L/100km
Fuel savings achieved: 10.2%

IDANEZ Transport – Spain // 12 Volvo FH 12 640 CV trucks - Average 135,000 km

Average consumption without C99: 35.03L/100km      Average consumption with C99: 31.82L/100km

Savings achieved across the truck fleet: 10.2%  //  Savings achieved per truck: 5,250 L  //  Total fuel savings: 63,000 L

Testimony : « The product is excellent; it allows us to save a lot of fuel. We have not had breakdowns due to bacteria, mud, or water. The Volvos are very prone to black smoke. With Mecarun C99, our trucks do not emit smoke. We notice more torque on inclines, where we gain half or a full gear. Engines have fewer vibrations and are quieter. We directly treat our 30,000-liter diesel tank with only 6 liters of Mecarun C99. The drivers carry 1 liter of Mecarun C99 in the truck when they refuel away from our base. »

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