About us

Mecarun, operating under the commercial name of Hi-Tec International, was founded by Gérard Fardeau in 1998 in Gond-Pontouvre, Charente, France.

A fervent enthusiast of mechanics and aviation, the CEO’s journey into the world of automotive additives began while researching American military vehicles used during the 1944 D-Day landings. He uncovered that additives were utilized to enable engines to run for 24 hours without oil in case of a sump rupture. This revelation catalyzed the development of Mecarun P 18, with the collaboration of a chemical engineer and a doctorate in chemistry, ultimately formulating breakthrough additives for fuels and engines.

Meticulously tested and subsequently launched to the market, Mecarun additives continue to be packaged in Charente by the original five employees of the small enterprise since 1998. Products are manufactured in a factory adhering to rigorously high standards. Despite the modest workforce, the company manifests a pronounced impact, boasting 380 retailers in France and globally, and achieving consistently record-breaking annual turnovers.

At Mecarun, innovation never halts. Persistent research has birthed a plethora of new products, each designed to enhance the performance of engines and fuel-receiving devices such as tanks. Offerings range from competition-grade fuel additives, treatments for subpar fuel quality in certain nations, anti-bacterial agents for fuel oil, centrifugal fuel filtration, to LED pressure alarms to alert in case of tire under-pressure, and more.

We’ve opted for absolute transparency with everyone who wishes to test our additives, from consumer associations to state authorities. Indeed, all customer testimonials are readily available for verification by consumer organizations and governmental bodies.

Mecarun stands as a success story that we hold with immense pride. We’ve navigated our journey without the extensive resources available to some larger corporations in developing and manufacturing our products. Today, we realize our initial vision: providing straightforward solutions to both individuals and professionals to ensure their money is not vanquished in smoke, while simultaneously making a significant, beneficial impact on our planet.

Moving forward, we aspire to continue our development, embracing new challenges in the coming years, particularly in aiding less developed countries struggling with their fuel oil and fuel treatments. The next milestone entails reducing fine particles and sulfur emissions for heavy fuel oil used in maritime and industrial applications.