Mecarun is passionate about and sponsors motorsports

The entire Mecarun team shares a deep passion for motorsports and even owns its own competitive autogyro (video on the right), on which we exclusively use Mecarun products. Our fuel additives are utilized in both competitive and recreational settings, powering motorcycles, cars, quads, ultralight aircrafts, light planes, jet skis, and by prominent racing teams !

For example, our specialized racing additive C99 Racing:

  • Enhances performance across all RPM ranges
  • Optimizes combustion at high altitudes and in extreme temperatures
  • Reduces exhaust gas temperatures
  • Decreases fuel consumption and increases range
  • Minimizes gum and varnish deposits (and the risk of engine seizure)
  • Mitigates vapor lock and lubricates valves
  • Suitable for both 2-stroke and 4-stroke engines


high-performance treatment for competition-grade gasoline

C99 Racing functions as an effective anti-knock and anti-pinging agent, increasing the flame front speed and air/fuel oxidation. These advantages translate to optimal on-track performance, with more efficient combustion, improved responsiveness, and enhanced engine protection, an ideal choice for competitions where performance and reliability are paramount.


Special competition turbo booster for fuel-injected engines

Specially crafted for top-tier performance, it stands as the most potent additive in our competition lineup. Attention thrill-seekers ! While C99 Racing enhances your driving experience, C99 Winner is exclusively tailored for those seeking unparalleled power, speed, and is designed for elite-level drivers who crave the utmost in performance !


specialized anti-wear and anti-friction additive for prepared engines

Preparing an engine for competition comes at a significant cost, and yet, motorsport teams are familiar with breakdowns right in the middle of the season. P18 not only enhances performance and compression but also safeguards against breakdowns and wear-related issues. It treats all metallic surfaces in friction, including gearboxes, differentials, bearings, and more.

Need guidance on optimizing your engines for competition ? Contact the Mecarun team !

They use mecarun products in competition


Jeremy Vohlgemuth - Newcomer in the jet ski world championship won 5th place

« Le moteur a fait toute la saison sans casse grâce au P18 et il est comme neuf. Avec le C99 Winner, nous avons puissance et une plus grande facilité de pilotage. »

Translation : « The engine completed the entire season without any breakdowns thanks to P18, and it’s as good as new. With C99 Winner, we have power and greater ease of handling. »

Leo Le Quéré - Vice-World Champion in the Youth category at the Enduro World Championships

Throughout the season, Leo Le Quéré consistently graced the podium at all the major races he participated in : 2 victories, 8 second-place finishes, and 3 third-place finishes, all with his 125 TM Racing team.

And what does he put in his engine ? C99 Winner additive for performance and speed, and P18 anti-wear additive to preserve his engine !


Eric Changeur - ULM World Champion

Since the ULM World Championships in Madrid in 2012, Eric Changeur has been our local world champion alongside his co-pilot Christophe Védraine. Eric Changeur is the importer of Ela Aviacion Autogyros, and he has been a loyal customer for 15 years, recommending Mecarun C99 and P18 to his own clients. As an instructor for 25 years, Eric Changeur has trained over 400 pilots, most of them use Mecarun products on a daily basis.

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