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C 99 SDH

Meca-Run C 99 SDH for vegetable oil

Increases the flame front speed.
Increases combustion.
Reduces bacteria development.
Reduces pollution and frying odors.
For low temperatures, it is necessary to heat the fuel made up of oil and diesel.

Engine Flush

To avoid putting clean oil into a dirty engine

Engine cleaning before draining used oil.
Increases compressions.
Recommended before the first use of P18.
Usage: every 30,000 Kms.

C 99 Racing

Reserved for competition use or sporty driving

15 to 20 ml for 10 liters of gasoline
Increases the speed of the oxygen-fuel mixture.
Increases the flame front speed.
Allows perfect combustion of fuel at all engine speeds.
Reduces exhaust gas temperature.
Optimizes performance in recovery and acceleration.


To clean particule filters in degraded mode

Our professional treatment for cleaning Particulate Filters in degraded mode (non-regeneration) is effective for cleaning and restoring the perfect combustion properties of the engine block. By purging impurities such as sludge or black soot, you give the engine more torque, pollute less, and drive eco-clean.

C 99 Winner

Reserved for high-level competition use

5 to 10 ml for 10 liters of gasoline
Allows perfect combustion of fuel at all engine speeds.
Reduces exhaust gas temperature.
Performance in its purest form.


Multi-Purpose Cleaner Disinfectant

All stains from oil, grease, fat, animal, vegetable, and human sweat. Cleaning all surfaces of oil stains, grease, flies, and mosquitoes. Washing bodyworks and rims. Cleaning fabrics and leather. Cleans everything in the home, office, and business.
Use 2 to 10% mixed with water for Automobile, Motorcycle, Aviation, Marine, at home, at work.
Hyper economical: 1 liter of concentrated product prepares 20 to 50 liters of ready-to-use product.


Shampoo - Cleaner - Multifunctional

Allows washing of 40 cars or 100 motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, tractors, tanks, and reservoirs, etc…

Insects Cleaner

Destruction of all insects (flies, mosquitoes, wasps...)

Destruction of all insects: flies, mosquitoes, hornets, wasps, etc…

Insecticide for flying and crawling insects without solvent, with flushing effect for long-lasting protection.

This product is manufactured without solvent by reconstructing the molecule of permethrin (a plant used by Africans to protect against insects and malaria).


For collective and individual fuel heating

Collective and Individual Fuel Heating up to 25% savings, 500 ml of C-fuel treats 2500 Liters of Fuel
Cleans and maintains boilers and tanks clean. To be used with boiler settings by your heating specialist.
With Anti-bacteria.

Mecarun G

to eliminate noise created by wear in the engine

A noise-dampening treatment developed to address the wear-induced noises in various components such as gearboxes, differentials, reducers, reversers, and multipliers.


Treatment of all air supply systems

Treatment for all air supply systems in 2 and 4 stroke gasoline or diesel vehicles.
Cleaning carburetor tanks to remove gums and varnish, and descaling air intake ducts.


Water Protect Multifunctional

The Multi-function Water Protect provides a steadfast defense against a range of adversities, including corrosion, rust, and pollution, ensuring the sustained peak condition of various parts and components across numerous applications. Not only acting as a shield, it notably prevents short circuits, safeguarding electrical systems from potential damage and ensuring their optimal operation amidst environmental challenges.

Radiator protector

Coolant Leak Prevention Treatment

Coolant Leak Prevention Treatment.
Both a preventative and curative product, it stops coolant leaks in 2 and 4 stroke engines. For immediate effect, allow the engine to run for at least one hour.


Lead substitute

Lead substitute for gasoline engines manufactured before 1985

10 ml for 20 Liters of gasoline


Anti-Foam Treatment

Anti-foam treatment, against black or red fungi on stone facades or plaster. Apply once a year. 5-liter canister to be used at 1 to 5 volume ratios with water, with clothing, glasses, and protection. High-pressure washer pass, unnecessary. To be mixed with 20 liters of water.


Black Fungi Anti-Treatment

Black Fungi Anti-Treatment for stone facades and swimming pool tiles. Results in just a few days. High-pressure washer pass, unnecessary. 5-liter canister to be used undiluted up to 100 m², with clothing, glasses, and protection.

Air Stop

Puncture prevention for tires

Puncture prevention for tires. Suitable for 4x4s, heavy-duty vehicles, agriculture, construction, road bikes, mountain bikes, off-road motorcycles, and gardening equipment.

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