Anti-wear treatment for all types of engines

Comprehensive surface treatment applicable to a variety of mechanical components, including engines, gearboxes, axles, reducers, and multipliers, ensuring an enhanced, protective layer that safeguards against wear and tear.

Effectively treats all friction-experiencing metallic surfaces, providing a robust shield against deterioration, ensuring smoother operation and elongating the lifespan of the integral mechanical components.


P18 is the best way to enjoy a smooth ride and for a long time !

What is Mecarun P18 ?

P18 distinguishes itself not merely as an oil additive but as a dedicated surface treatment designed specifically for metal components experiencing friction.

This allows it to be universally compatible with all oil varieties. It’s worth noting that P18 is formulated without the inclusion of chlorine, Ptfe, molybdenum, among other elements.

Versatility is a hallmark of P18, finding utility in all 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines across brands, encompassing rotary engines, gearboxes, axles, as well as hydraulic pumps and cylinders.

Furthermore, it proves its efficacy in cutting oils, compressors, machine tool slides, and even 3D printers. P18 may be introduced into an engine for up to 8,000 km post an oil change.

When it comes to engines, it’s imperative to allow the completion of the break-in period before administering P18. As a potent anti-friction and anti-wear solution, waiting is crucial to avoid prolonging the time it takes for the engine to ‘free up’.

  • Ensures anti-wear protection and high-pressure lubrication even before the oil film is established, offering immediate protection to engine components from the moment they begin to move.
  • Dramatically reduces wear during cold starts (500 to 1000 rpm) of engines, safeguarding the components during these critical moments and ensuring smoother, more reliable startups.
  • Minimizes vibrations in the piston rings and enhances compression, ensuring smoother, more efficient engine operation, while simultaneously contributing to improved fuel efficiency and optimal power generation during combustion.
  • Augments the longevity of mechanical parts, contributing to an extended lifecycle and improved reliability of the vehicle, reducing the frequency and cost of replacement parts.
  • Hyper-lubrication of components, including piston rings, cylinders, piston pins, and turbo, crankshafts, connecting rod bearings, and main bearings, camshafts, and hydraulic lifters, ensures that every vital moving part is afforded maximum protection and operates with optimal smoothness.
  • Hyper-lubrication for gearbox bearings and teeth, as well as axles, ensuring these crucial components are afforded superior protection against wear, ensuring smooth, efficient power transmission and minimizing the risk of component failure.
  • Anti-breakage and wear treatment suitable for all competition engines (see dosage guidelines >>), offering enhanced durability and reliability even under the intense conditions found in competitive motorsport, ensuring peak performance when it matters most.
  • Treatment for barrels and mechanisms of precision shooting weapons and Speed Shooting (TSV), providing optimal maintenance and ensuring reliable, accurate operation under various conditions, supporting both performance and longevity of the mechanisms involved.

Instructions - how to use

Dosage for 4-Stroke Engines : Use 4% of the oil volume (for competition use, increase to 6%). Subsequently, add half of the initial dosage to the new oil at each oil change. Example: For 5 liters of oil, use 200 ml of P18.

Dosage for 2-Stroke Engines : Utilize 2% of the 2-stroke oil volume (for example, mix 20 ml of P18 into 1 liter of 2-stroke oil).

Dosage for Manual Transmission Oil, Axles, Reducers, Multipliers : 4% of the oil volume is recommended (for competition, increase to 6%).

Dosage for Automatic Transmission Oil : Apply 2% of the oil volume.

Dosage for Hydraulic Oil (used in construction machinery, agriculture, and other applications) : Use 2% of the oil volume.

Unseizing Injectors and Injection Pumps: P18 can be employed for loosening and lubricating injectors and injection pumps, ensuring smooth operation.
Use in Cutting Oil: P18 can be utilized as a cutting oil or be added to it, offering enhanced lubrication and potentially extending tool life.
Surface Treatment for Cutting Tools: Apply to metal, wood, and stone cutting tools to provide a protective, lubricative coating that can enhance performance and durability.

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